Beautiful countdown timers

All the important for you in one place.

No matter what are you waiting for. Release of your favorite game or another episode of your favorite TV shows,  maybe a trip to a holiday or significant event in your family, using the WaitingList, you will always know how much should have to wait. 

Attractive skins

Add your events personality.

Every event which we expect is unique in its own way. Isn't it great when you can emphasize the individuality? WaitingList offers dozens of skins for your events from many categories. With each update these skins becomes greater.

iCloud sync

Synchronization between Apple devices.

No matter what device you're using to add the event. Work Mac Book Pro, home iMac, iPhone or iPad. Your events will always be in sync between all your devices via iCloud.


These show time left until the event. The closer is the event date the more detailed info about it is shown.


Choose an attractive skin for each event! We’ve prepared several collections of skins, and we’re planning to add more with each release.


Events are synchronized between all devices.


As the event approaches, you receive notifications more and more often. You won’t miss an important event anymore!

"Great date and event tracker. Never miss another birthday, anniversary or important event. Syncs across iOS and macOS. Developer is very communicative and very responsive. Great rev 1 of the app, and lots of promise for the future."

Stephen Schwerdfeger

"I bought Waiting List on Setapp. Your app is amazing!!! I have a lot of deadlines and I handle them using Waiting List."

Lorenzo Daidone

Road Map

macOS version

App for Apple Macs running OS EL Capitan (macOS 10.11) or later.

iCloud sync

Now all your events are synchronized with all your PCs where WaitingList app’s installed

iOS version

App version for iPhone and iPad. Now your events are available on your mobile devices!

watchOS version

All your events are available in your watch now too!

tvOS version

And even on your TV!

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